Brand: Stride

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Stride - Webcam Stride - Webcam (2010)
    Summary: A guy is interrupted by an ostrich patrol as he's about to reveal the flavor of Stride Mega Mystery gum.
  • Stride - Lederhosen Stride - Lederhosen (2008)
    Summary: A man is attacked in a parking garage by dancers dressed in lederhosen
  • Stride - Giant - Supermarket Stride - Giant - Supermarket (2008)
    Summary: A giant wrestler attacks a man coming out of a supermarket and makes him spit out his gum
  • Sweet Peppermint Stride - Deja Vu Sweet Peppermint Stride - Deja Vu (2007)
    Summary: In a scene that seems like deja vu of a previous Stride commercial, the factory shuts down.
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