Brand: New Balance

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • New Balance - Dick's Love/Hate New Balance - Dick's Love/Hate (2008)
    Summary: A woman and a man have separate inner monologues about running.
  • New Balance - Shower New Balance - Shower (2008)
    Summary: A man sits in the tub as the voice-over talks about the guy's relationship with running.
  • New Balance - Park Bench New Balance - Park Bench (2008)
    Summary: A guy sits on a park bench watching runners going by, regretting his decision to stop running.
  • New Balance - Party New Balance - Party (2008)
    Summary: A young man walks home after practice, and passes by a party.
  • New Balance - Rain New Balance - Rain (2008)
    Summary: A guy sleeps in while it's raining outside, as his wife is shown coming in from a run.
  • New Balance - Anthem New Balance - Anthem (2008)
    Summary: A runner maintains a love/hate balance with running.
  • New Balance - NB Zip - Roadkill New Balance - NB Zip - Roadkill (2007)
    Summary: A man uses his running shoes as a defibrillator on a porcupine he runs over.
    Song: Energy by Apples In Stereo

speculative (SPEC) ads

  • New Balance - Running Green New Balance - Running Green (2010)
    Summary: Spec commercial - A pair of running shoes in slow motion, is the catalyst for flowers growing from a city street.
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