Brand: Dell

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Dell Inspiron R - Switchable Lid Dell Inspiron R - Switchable Lid (2011)
    Summary: People have fun switching the lids of the Dell Inspiron R-series.
    Song: Montréal -40°C by Malajube, Pierre Lapointe
  • Dell - Inspiron R Dell - Inspiron R (2010)
    Summary: You can tell it's Dell - A voice-over describes the Dell Inspiron 15R as people's faces shift with images of the computer.
    Song: We Were Colors by Kyle Andrews
  • Dell - Inspiron One Dell - Inspiron One (2010)
    Summary: You can tell it's Dell - Fast paced examples of people using the touch screen on the Dell Inspiron One.
    Song: We Were Colors by Kyle Andrews
  • Dell - Treats - Lollipop Dell - Treats - Lollipop (2009)
    Summary: Dell computers are created as if they're candy.
    Song: Lollipop [Dell version]
    Song: [related] Lollipop by Ronald & Ruby, Julius Dixon, Beverly Ross
    Song: [related] Lollipop by The Chordettes
  • Dell - Discovery Dell - Discovery (2009)
    Summary: People are shown dancing after getting new Dell laptops
    Song: I Love You, Ono by Stereo Total
  • Dell - XPS - Self Portraits Dell - XPS - Self Portraits (2008)
    Summary: A man's self photos are shown
    Song: [related] 2 Hearts by Kylie Minogue
  • Dell - Colors Dell - Colors (2008)
    Summary: People are shown with colorful Dell computers
    Song: Colors by Kira Willey
  • Dell - Tell Me What You Want Dell - Tell Me What You Want (2008)
    Summary: Accolades for the Dell Vostro line of desktops and notebooks.
    Song: Tell Me What You Want by The Black Hollies
  • Dell - Join (RED) Dell - Join (RED) (2008)
    Summary: A guy walks down the street and is congratulated by people.
    Song: Charmed Life by Mick Jagger
  • Dell - Out With The Old Dell - Out With The Old (2007)
    Summary: A white room contains old computers that are blowing up, leaving behind the Dell XPS One.
    Song: Que Sera Sera by Jennifer Terran
    Song: [related] Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) by Doris Day, Jay Livingston, Ray Evans
  • Dell - Star Power Dell - Star Power (2007)
    Summary: Burt Reynolds adds some star power to a Dell commercial.
  • Dell - XPS - Devo Dell - XPS - Devo (2007)
    Summary: An engine is assembled and lowered into a giant XPS notebook.
    Song: Watch Us Work It by Devo
  • Dell - Inspiron - Colors Dell - Inspiron - Colors (2007)
    Summary: Scenes of colorful laptops in quirky situations, where the color matches the environment.
    Song: The W.A.N.D. by The Flaming Lips
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