Brand: Comcast

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Comcast - XFINITY Streampix - Stream, Stream, Stream Comcast - XFINITY Streampix - Stream, Stream, Stream (2012)
    Summary: People sing about streaming media to the tune of "All I Have to Do Is Dream".
    Song: [related] All I Have to Do Is Dream by Everly Brothers
  • Comcast - Triple Play - Gift Comcast - Triple Play - Gift (2009)
    Summary: A CG gift box illustrates the Comcast Triple Play.
  • Comcast - Singalong Comcast - Singalong (2009)
    Summary: People sing about Comcast Internet, phone, and television services in a virtual world.
  • Comcast High-Speed Internet - Rabbit Comcast High-Speed Internet - Rabbit (2008)
    Summary: Comcast compares the speed of their internet services to a rabbit
  • Comcast HD - Kitchen Comcast HD - Kitchen (2008)
    Summary: A woman sings when talking to a man in a large kitchen.
    Song: Lady Marmalade by Patti Labelle
  • Comcast - Alien PFL Comcast - Alien PFL (2008)
    Summary: A guy builds a time machine to check his Comcast bill in the future.
  • Comcast HD - Dinner Comcast HD - Dinner (2008)
    Summary: A mother and son are dining out, talking about Comcast HD, and the mother lip syncs to a song.
    Song: More, More, More by Andrea True Connection
  • Comcast HD - Party Comcast HD - Party (2008)
    Summary: When a man speaks a Billy Idol song is heard.
    Song: Rebel Yell by Billy Idol
  • Comcast - Lab Rats Comcast - Lab Rats (2007)
    Summary: Rats move quickly after getting into high speed.
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