Brand: Denny's

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Denny's - Thugs Denny's - Thugs (2009)
    Summary: Mobsters discuss what to do about someone who may have talked about them to the wrong people over breakfast.
  • Denny's - Line Up Denny's - Line Up (2008)
    Summary: Fast food workers appear in a line-up for selling fake breakfast, as Tony Sirico stands by the witness.
  • Denny's - Phony Money Denny's - Phony Money (2008)
    Summary: Tony Sirico pays for a fast food breakfast with phony money.
  • Denny's - Drive-Thru Denny's - Drive-Thru (2007)
    Summary: A woman stops suddenly in her car and spills her fast food.
    Song: All Out of Love by Air Supply
  • Denny's - All Out of Love Denny's - All Out of Love (2007)
    Summary: An office worker sits alone in the break room eating some sort of breakfast stick.
    Song: All Out of Love by Air Supply
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