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  • Toyota Corolla - Style Never Goes Out Of Style Toyota Corolla - Style Never Goes Out Of Style (2013)
    Summary: The Toyota Corolla through different decades, accompanied by different music.
    Song: 25 Miles by Edwin Starr
    Song: Le Freak by Chic
    Song: Rockit by Herbie Hancock
    Song: Rusty Cage by Soundgarden
    Song: Orion by Shy Kidx
  • Toyota Prius - More Connected Toyota Prius - More Connected (2011)
    Summary: Shifting scenes that show different Prius V hybrid cars, going from groceries to a band.
    Song: Rollerblades by Eliza Doolittle
  • Toyota Camry Toyota Camry (2011)
    Summary: Celebrities representing different media get into the Toyota Camry.
    Song: What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) by Kelly Clarkson
  • Toyota Prius - People Person Toyota Prius - People Person (2011)
    Summary: People stacked up on one another form a composite person.
    Song: Got To Be Free by The Kinks
  • Toyota Highlander - Kid Cave Toyota Highlander - Kid Cave (2010)
    Summary: A kid's friend has to endure his parents singing in the car.
    Song: Angel of the Morning by Chip Taylor
    Song: [related] Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton
    Song: [related] Angel by Shaggy, Rayvon
  • Toyota - Miles of Trust Toyota - Miles of Trust (2010)
    Summary: A family drives around Dubai, with a theme of "Miles of Trust".
    Song: All You Do Is Talk by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • Toyota - Peace of Mind Toyota - Peace of Mind (2010)
    Summary: A Toyota salesman opens the trunk of a Toyota and inside is a world where the customers have peace of mind.
  • Toyota Corolla - Erica Toyota Corolla - Erica (2010)
    Summary: Erica is a pastry chef who is in need of a new car to deliver her cakes.
  • Toyota Sienna - Car Wash Toyota Sienna - Car Wash (2010)
    Summary: A father puts his little kids to work in washing his Toyota Sienna.
  • Toyota Avalon - Plane Toyota Avalon - Plane (2010)
    Summary: An old fashioned airplane experience is used as a comparison to the comfort of the 2010 Toyota Avalon.
    Song: Theme from "A Summer Place" by Percy Faith, Max Steiner
  • Toyota Avalon - Train Toyota Avalon - Train (2010)
    Summary: In a 50's/60's retro style, the new Toyota Avalon is introduced at a train station.
    Song: Mister Sandman by Pomplamoose
    Song: [related] Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes, Pat Ballard
  • Toyota Sienna - Playdate Toyota Sienna - Playdate (2010)
    Summary: A father brings his kids to a playdate, but he's the one in need of a lesson.
  • Toyota Sienna - Meet The Parents Toyota Sienna - Meet The Parents (2010)
    Summary: Parents that consider their Sienna minivan to be a swagger wagon.
  • Toyota - Prius - Solar Toyota - Prius - Solar (2009)
    Summary: A 2010 Prius is out in the desert, showing off its solar-powered ventilation.
    Song: [Untitled Toyota Prius] by Petra Haden
  • Toyota - Prius - MPG Toyota - Prius - MPG (2009)
    Summary: A Prius has the Sun in tow, as it drives around a world made of costumed people.
    Song: [Untitled Toyota Prius] by Petra Haden
  • Toyota - Prius - Harmony Toyota - Prius - Harmony (2009)
    Summary: A surreal drive through the countryside, where the scenery consists of people in costumes.
    Song: Let Your Love Flow by Petra Haden
    Song: [related] Let Your Love Flow by The Bellamy Brothers, Larry E. Williams
  • Toyota - Make-Out King Toyota - Make-Out King (2008)
    Summary: Two teens make out in a parked Toyota.
    Song: Make-Out King by Eleni Mandell
  • Toyota - Saved By Zero Toyota - Saved By Zero (2008)
    Summary: Toyota offers 0% financing - Fall 2008.
    Song: Saved By Zero
    Song: [related] Saved By Zero by The Fixx
  • Toyota - Corolla - Mambo Toyota - Corolla - Mambo (2008)
    Summary: New features in the 2009 Corolla are sung about.
    Song: Mambo #5 (Corolla Version)
    Song: [related] Mambo #5 by Lou Bega
  • Toyota - What I Like About You Toyota - What I Like About You (2008)
    Summary: Toyota National Clearance Event 2008.
    Song: What I Like About You
    Song: [related] What I Like About You by The Romantics
  • Toyota - RAV4 - There Is A Mountain Toyota - RAV4 - There Is A Mountain (2008)
    Summary: A Toyota RAV4 is driven in the city and off road.
    Song: There is a Mountain by Donovan
  • Toyota - Sequoia - Zorb Toyota - Sequoia - Zorb (2008)
    Summary: People play in giant inflatible balls
    Song: Superman
    Song: [related] Superman by The Clique
    Song: [related] Superman by REM
  • Toyota Matrix - Full of Potential Toyota Matrix - Full of Potential (2008)
    Summary: The headlights from a Toyota Matrix transforms places into exciting night life.
    Song: Do I Go by Evren
  • Toyota - Corolla - Badgers Toyota - Corolla - Badgers (2008)
    Summary: A man is locked inside a car with sleeping badgers
  • Toyota - Sequoia - Bikes Toyota - Sequoia - Bikes (2008)
    Summary: A family races big wheel style tricycles
    Song: Mongoose by Fu Manchu
  • Toyota - Sequoia - Wind Blows Toyota - Sequoia - Wind Blows (c. 2008)
    Summary: A group of people camp in the desert and watch the stars.
    Song: Going Whichever Way the Wind Blows by Pete Droge
  • Toyota - Meet - Chair Toyota - Meet - Chair (c. 2007)
    Summary: A man's journey on a chair.
    Song: Zoopraxiphone by Bibio
  • Toyota - Prius - 60 Miles Per Gallon Toyota - Prius - 60 Miles Per Gallon (c. 2007)
    Summary: Benefits of getting good gas mileage.
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