Brand: IKEA

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • IKEA - Happy Inside IKEA - Happy Inside (2010)
    Summary: Cats are unleashed inside an IKEA, and make themselves at home.
    Song: Pianni by Mara Carlyle
  • IKEA - Lamp IKEA - Lamp (2002)
    Summary: Sad music plays as an old lamp is thrown out.
  • IKEA - Under the Mess IKEA - Under the Mess (c. 2001)
    Summary: A woman searches frantically around her house for something important
  • IKEA - The Spaghetti IKEA - The Spaghetti (c. 2001)
    Summary: A man and woman share spaghetti and a shoelace.
  • IKEA - The Robot IKEA - The Robot (c. 2001)
    Summary: A robot runs into an unsuspecting dog
  • IKEA - The Fork IKEA - The Fork (c. 2001)
    Summary: A man's girlfriend pays the price for his slovenly ways
  • IKEA - The Little Cars IKEA - The Little Cars (c. 2001)
    Summary: A young boy pretends an adult toy is a rocket.
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