Brand: Citroen

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Citroen C4 - Kiefer Sutherland Citroen C4 - Kiefer Sutherland (2007)
    Summary: Kiefer Sutherland drives around an empty city.
    Song: At Last by Etta James
  • Citroen C4 - Transformer Skating Citroen C4 - Transformer Skating (2006)
    Summary: A Citreon C4 transforms into a robot and skates quickly around a frozen lake.
    Song: Walking Away (Tocadisco Remix) by The Egg
  • Citroen C4 - Transformer Dance Citroen C4 - Transformer Dance (2006)
    Summary: A Citreon C4 transforms into a surprisingly agile robot that shows off some break dance moves.
    Song: Jacques Your Body (Makes Me Sweat) by Les Rythmes Digitales
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