Brand: Doritos

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Doritos - Power of the Crunch Doritos - Power of the Crunch (2009)
    Summary: A man fulfills his fantasies by using the power of crunch.
    Song: Libiamo ne' lieti calici by Giuseppe Verdi
  • Doritos - Free Doritos Doritos - Free Doritos (2009)
    Summary: A man uses his "crystal ball" to get free doritos.
  • Doritos - Kina Grannis Doritos - Kina Grannis (2008)
    Summary: Kina Grannis sings "Message From Your Heart"
    Song: Message From Your Heart by Kina Grannis
  • Doritos Collisions - Missy Elliott Doritos Collisions - Missy Elliott (2007)
    Summary: Missy Elliott remixes a song with some country, inspired by the mixed flavors in Doritos Collisions.
  • Doritos - Mouse Trap Doritos - Mouse Trap (2007)
    Summary: A finalist in the Doritos Super Bowl contest, it shows a man baiting a mouse trap with Doritos.
    Song: Carmen: Habanera (Opera) by Georges Bizet
  • Doritos - Crash Doritos - Crash (2007)
    Summary: A guy crashes his car while snacking on Doritos and staring at a woman out the window.
    Song: Libiamo ne' lieti calici by Giuseppe Verdi
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