Brand: FedEx

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • FedEx - Change FedEx - Change (2011)
    Summary: A business executive is really good at many things, to symbolize how FedEx is amazing at urgent and non-urgent shipping.
  • FedEx - Carrier Pigeons FedEx - Carrier Pigeons (2008)
    Summary: An office clerk tries to use carrier pigeons for the company's shipping needs.
  • FedEx - Not What It Seems FedEx - Not What It Seems (2007)
    Summary: Office workers explain to other employees, who have fitting names, that one can't judge things by their name.
  • FedEx - Moon Office FedEx - Moon Office (2007)
    Summary: Business people on tour at a moon office are impressed, but pose the question of how to ship to their customers.
    Song: The Final Countdown by Europe
  • FedEx - Half Pipe FedEx - Half Pipe (2006)
    Summary: Employees contemplate the reason they aren't getting more work done despite the time saved by using FedEx.
  • FedEx - Desert Island FedEx - Desert Island (2003)
    Summary: In a parody of the movie Cast Away a delivery man returns an unopened package after being stranded on a deserted island
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