Brand: Lay's

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Lay's - Chip Love - Crazy Little Thing Called Love Lay's - Chip Love - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2012)
    Summary: An attractive woman opens a bag of Lay's and finds out that one taste and you're in love.
    Song: Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen
  • Lay's - Circles Lay's - Circles (2009)
    Summary: An animated yellow circle tries to become green.
    Song: Color the World by Rabbit! (Ashton Allen, Devin Moore)
  • Lay's - Fireworks Lay's - Fireworks (2009)
    Summary: People gather at a farm to watch potatoes shoot out of the ground and create a fireworks display of potato chips.
    Song: Drinking, Thinking, Sinking, Feeling by Slow Club
  • Lay's - Happy Lay's - Happy (2009)
    Summary: A man sees everyone else at his workplace as happy inflatable people
    Song: The Lucky Ones by Tim Myers
  • Lay's - Nail Polish Lay's - Nail Polish (c. 2008)
    Summary: A woman getting her nails done is tempted by a bag of Lay's potato chips.
    Song: Baby I'm-A Want You by Bread
  • Lay's - A Place In the Sun Lay's - A Place In the Sun (2006)
    Summary: The theme of sunflowers is used as a backdrop for this ad about Lay's potato chips made with sunflower oil.
    Song: Feed It by Candyskins
  • Lay's - Wavy Lays Lay's - Wavy Lays (1994)
    Summary: A young boy at the superbowl bets his way to the best seat in the football stadium.
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