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tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Volkswagen - Wings Volkswagen - Wings (2014)
    Summary: When a Volkswagen hits 100,000 miles a german engineer gets its wings.
  • Volkswagen - Feeling Carefree - Take On Me Volkswagen - Feeling Carefree - Take On Me (2013)
    Summary: A Volkswagen makes an appearance in the iconic 80s music video "Take On Me".
    Song: Take On Me by a-ha
  • Volkswagen Beetle - Get In. Get Happy. Volkswagen Beetle - Get In. Get Happy. (2013)
    Summary: A white guy with a Jamaican accent cheers up his office.
    Song: [related] Come On Get Happy by The Partridge Family
    Song: C'mon Get Happy by Jimmy Cliff
  • Volkswagen - The Dog Strikes Back Volkswagen - The Dog Strikes Back (2012)
    Summary: Super Bowl 2012: An overweight dog gets in shape to chase a VW Beetle / Then a Star Wars reference.
    Song: Get Up Offa That Thing by James Brown
  • Volkswagen - Tiguan - ridin dirty Volkswagen - Tiguan - ridin dirty (c. 2012)
    Summary: A woman runs an errand in her daughter's boyfriend's car.
    Song: Ridin' by Chamillionaire, Krayzie Bone
  • Volkswagen Passat - Rocket Man Volkswagen Passat - Rocket Man (2011)
    Summary: People mishear the lyrics to "Rocket Man".
    Song: Rocket Man (I Think It's Going to Be a Long Long Time) by Elton John
  • Volkswagen - Golf - Wedding Volkswagen - Golf - Wedding (c. 2011)
    Summary: A group of friends drive through the night, then arrive for the wedding of one of the guys.
    Song: Keep the Lights On by Wave Machines
  • Volkswagen - PunchDub Volkswagen - PunchDub (2010)
    Summary: People punch each other as they see Volkswagens
    Song: Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear
  • Volkswagen - Routan - Future Family Volkswagen - Routan - Future Family (2009)
    Summary: Autobahn for All - A family sees their future selves.
  • Volkswagen - Routan - Intervention Volkswagen - Routan - Intervention (2008)
    Summary: Brooke Shields warns would-be parents against having children just to get the VW Routan.
  • Volkswagen - Leonard Nimoy Volkswagen - Leonard Nimoy (2008)
    Summary: Max the VW Beetle interviews Leonard Nimoy.
  • Volkswagen - Astronaut Volkswagen - Astronaut (2008)
    Summary: Max the VW Beetle interviews retired astronaunt Richard Searfoss.
  • Volkswagen - Shawn Fanning Volkswagen - Shawn Fanning (2008)
    Summary: Max the VW Beetle interviews Napster creator Shawn Fanning.
  • Volkswagen - Hoff Volkswagen - Hoff (2008)
    Summary: Max the VW Beetle interviews David Hasselhoff.
    Song: Looking for Freedom by David Hasselhoff
  • Volkswagen - Inner Beauty - Heidi Klum Volkswagen - Inner Beauty - Heidi Klum (2008)
    Summary: Max the VW Beetle interviews Heidi Klum.
  • Volkswagen - Bobby Knight Volkswagen - Bobby Knight (2008)
    Summary: Max the VW Beetle interviews Bobby Knight.
  • Volkswagen - Dog Volkswagen - Dog (c. 2008)
    Summary: A dog sings along to "I'm a Man" while in the VW, but quiets down out in public.
    Song: I'm a Man by The Spencer Davis Group
  • Volkswagen - Golf - Great Pretender Volkswagen - Golf - Great Pretender (2007)
    Summary: A pretentious guy really longs for the understated VW Golf.
    Song: The Great Pretender [VW version]
    Song: [related] The Great Pretender by The Platters
  • Volkswagen - Independent Cinemas - Toy Story Volkswagen - Independent Cinemas - Toy Story (2007)
    Summary: A woman gives her interpretation of the animated movie Toy Story.
  • Volkswagen - Golf - Night Drive Volkswagen - Golf - Night Drive (2007)
    Summary: Beautiful scenes of driving in a city at night.
    Song: Don't Blow It by Cliff Martinez
  • Volkswagen - Jetta - Crying Baby Volkswagen - Jetta - Crying Baby (2007)
    Summary: A baby cries when the Jetta isn't moving, but goes to sleep as it accelerates.
    Song: Walken by Wilco
  • Volkswagen - Rollercoaster Volkswagen - Rollercoaster (2007)
    Summary: A line of Volkswagens drive up and down a winding mountain road, seeming like rollercoaster cars.
    Song: Love Rollercoaster
    Song: [related] Love Rollercoaster by Ohio Players
  • Volkswagen - Rabbit - Subtitles Volkswagen - Rabbit - Subtitles (2007)
    Summary: A couple guys going for a test drive are more excited about the MP3 jack than other features of the Rabbit.
    Song: The Thanks I Get by Wilco
  • Volkswagen - Eos - Sweet Air Volkswagen - Eos - Sweet Air (2007)
    Summary: With the climate control in an Eos, he can be cool (A/C) and she can be warm.
    Song: Sky Blue Sky by Wilco
  • Volkswagen - Beetle - Thief Volkswagen - Beetle - Thief (2007)
    Summary: A thief steals a red VW Beetle, but has a change of heart and returns it.
    Song: Either Way by Wilco
  • Volkswagen - Valet Volkswagen - Valet (2007)
    Summary: A Jetta owner is reluctant to hand over his keys to the valet.
    Song: You Are My Face by Wilco
  • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Tow Truck Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Tow Truck (2007)
    Summary: A tow truck driver admires an illegally parked VW
    Song: The Thanks I Get by Wilco
  • Volkswagen - Jumper Volkswagen - Jumper (2007)
    Summary: A man stands on the ledge of a building, but changes his mind after hearing about V-Dub deals.
  • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Take Out Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Take Out (2006)
    Summary: A guy is putting in a call for Indian food, and is asked whether he wants take out or pick-up.
  • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Streamlined Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Streamlined (2006)
    Summary: A man is going to do some errands in his VW, but his fast doesn't want his wife to ride along.
  • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Officer Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Officer (2006)
    Summary: A guy pulled over for speeding is told by the officer to keep his fast under control.
  • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Hair Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Hair (2006)
    Summary: A man's "fast" wants him to keep the windows down while driving, which messes up his girlfriend's hair.
  • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Crate Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Crate (2006)
    Summary: A German engineer un-pimps a car by dropping a crate on it.
  • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Catapult Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Catapult (2006)
    Summary: A German engineer un-pimps a car by slinging it with a catapult.
  • Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Wrecking Ball Volkswagen - GTI MKV - Wrecking Ball (2006)
    Summary: A German engineer un-pimps a car by
  • Volkswagen - John Mayer Volkswagen - John Mayer (2006)
    Summary: John Mayer plays guitar using a VW bug as his speakers, and accents the music in creative ways by using the car.
  • Volkswagen - Nigel Volkswagen - Nigel (2006)
    Summary: Spinal Tap guitarist Nigel Tufnel rocks on top of (and surrounded by) VWs that are acting as his speakers.
  • Volkswagen - Slash Volkswagen - Slash (2006)
    Summary: Slash plays a First Act guitar hooked up to VW cars stacked like speakers.
  • Volkswagen - Like Volkswagen - Like (2006)
    Summary: Two friends are carrying on a conversation while driving, and then...
  • Volkswagen - Golf GTI - Singin' in the Rain Volkswagen - Golf GTI - Singin' in the Rain (2005)
    Summary: An updated version of Singin' in the Rain.
    Song: Singing In the Rain by Mint Royale
    Song: [related] Singin' in the Rain by Gene Kelly
  • Volkswagen Touareg - Picture Volkswagen Touareg - Picture (2004)
    Summary: A couple drives their VW Touareg through a scenic road to take a picture at the top of the mountain.
    Song: Ariel Ramirez by Richard Buckner
  • Volkswagen - Beetle - Bubble Teaser Volkswagen - Beetle - Bubble Teaser (2002)
    Summary: Filmed in the style of an independent film, a man's mundane life at work and home is brightened when he sees a new convertible Beetle.
    Song: Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
  • Volkswagen - Big Day Volkswagen - Big Day (2001)
    Summary: A man drives to what, at first, appears to be his wedding.
    Song: One Million Miles Away by J. Ralph
  • Volkswagen - The Cabrio Volkswagen - The Cabrio (2000)
    Summary: Four friends drive to a party in their Cabrio convertible, passing through scenic landscapes under the night's moon.
    Song: Pink Moon by Nick Drake
  • Volkswagen - Golf - Mr. Roboto Volkswagen - Golf - Mr. Roboto (c. 1999)
    Summary: A man sits in a parked car singing a song, but outside the car is silence.
    Song: Mr. Roboto by Styx
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