Brand: 7Up

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • 7Up - Burping Bunny 7Up - Burping Bunny (2008)
    Summary: A woman discovers her crops have been eaten by rabbits, and her 7Up was raided too.
  • 7Up - 100 Percent Natural 7Up - 100 Percent Natural (2006)
    Summary: Cans of 7Up show up in place of fruits and vegetables in farm fields and grocery stores.
    Song: Sunshine by The Partridge Family
  • 7Up - Puppy 7Up - Puppy (c. 2001)
    Summary: Orlando Jones tries using a cute dog to sell 7up.
  • 7Up - Up Yours 7Up - Up Yours (2000)
    Summary: Orlando Jones announces his new idea for a 7Up slogan
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