Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Audi A7 Sportback - Imagination Audi A7 Sportback - Imagination (2010)
    Summary: Black & white car design mixed with imaginative designs.
  • Cadillac CTS Sports Sedan - One Two One Cadillac CTS Sports Sedan - One Two One (2010)
    Summary: The Cadillac CTS Sports Sedan is driven through the city and on open roads.
  • Cadillac CTS-V - Love Sick Cadillac CTS-V - Love Sick (2010)
    Summary: Fast paced shots of the CTS-V complemented by the Cadillac emblem.
  • Ally Bank - Bike Ally Bank - Bike (2009)
    Summary: A little girl test rides a bike, but can't go outside a small space.
  • Miller Lite - Tailgate Miller Lite - Tailgate (2009)
    Summary: A group of friends are shown tailgating at a wedding.
  • Miller Lite - Bowling Miller Lite - Bowling (2009)
    Summary: A group of friends bowl inside using garden gnomes.
  • Levi's 501 - First Time Levi's 501 - First Time (2008)
    Summary: Two teens unbutton their 501s, but don't do what you'd expect.
  • Levi's 501 - Secrets and Lies Levi's 501 - Secrets and Lies (2008)
    Summary: Two people reveal their lies before they hook up
  • LG - World of Steam LG - World of Steam (2008)
    Summary: A world made of wrinkles in a shirt is removed by steam
  • Axe Detailer Shower Tool - Guywash Axe Detailer Shower Tool - Guywash (2008)
    Summary: A man is taken through and automated carwash for men
  • Axe Proximity - Plans Axe Proximity - Plans (2008)
    Summary: One man tries to dissuade his friend from a scheme to meet women.
  • Axe Proximity - Weiner Axe Proximity - Weiner (2008)
    Summary: Two men discuss the benefits of plastic surgery
  • Axe Proximity - Moustache Axe Proximity - Moustache (2008)
    Summary: Two men discuss the attractiveness of a moustache
  • Axe Bullet Axe Bullet (2008)
    Summary: A man pictures women in their underwear when he sees them
  • Vodafone - Cartwheel Vodafone - Cartwheel (2007)
    Summary: A woman is shown in different poses, which makes it look like she's doing a cartwheel.
  • Vodafone - Time Theft Vodafone - Time Theft (2007)
    Summary: A man keeps getting interrupted by a time warp.
  • Audi - R8 - Construction Audi - R8 - Construction (2007)
    Summary: An Audi R8 is assembled.
  • Miller Lite - Dalmation Miller Lite - Dalmation (2007)
    Summary: A Dalmatian jumps from a Clydesdale drawn carriage to a Miller Lite truck.
  • NYC & Company - The Ride NYC & Company - The Ride (2007)
    Summary: Tourism spot for the city of New York
  • Levi's - Change Levi's - Change (2007)
    Summary: A man is putting on his 501 jeans, but doing so lifts the city street into his apartment.
  • Axe - Dinner Axe - Dinner (2007)
    Summary: A woman rips the clothes off of her boyfriend's visiting father.
  • Dyson - Squeaky Vacuum Dyson - Squeaky Vacuum (c. 2007)
    Summary: Several non-Dyson light-weight vacuum cleaners are shown making squeaky noises.
  • Axe - Paris Axe - Paris (2007)
    Summary: A woman gets distracted by a busboy on her way to a dinner date
  • Vaseline - Sea Vaseline - Sea (2007)
    Summary: The amazing abilities of skin are analyzed.
  • Axe Boost - Better Kisser Axe Boost - Better Kisser (2007)
    Summary: A man leaves a car at a gas pump and rushes to help two women determine which of them is a better kisser..
  • Axe Boost - ESP Axe Boost - ESP (2007)
    Summary: An ice cream vendor drops what he's doing and hurries to find a woman poolside.
  • Levi's - Dangerous Liaisons Levi's - Dangerous Liaisons (2007)
    Summary: Two lovers rip off each other's clothes to reveal different styles.
  • Axe - Pipe Axe - Pipe (c. 2006)
    Summary: Women on different floors of an apartment building all pole dance on the same drain pipe.
  • Axe - Bath Time Axe - Bath Time (c. 2006)
    Summary: A woman is shown giving a bath to someone off screen.
  • Axe - Billions Axe - Billions (2006)
    Summary: Numerous bikini-clad women converge on a guy who's spraying himself with Axe body spray.
  • Axe - Rolling Axe - Rolling (2006)
    Summary: A man and woman making out, roll obliviously across the countryside.
  • Johnnie Walker - Human Johnnie Walker - Human (2006)
    Summary: An android discusses why if he had a wish, it would be to be human.
  • Levi's - News Story Levi's - News Story (2006)
    Summary: A guy and his girlfriend are watching tv when the live breaking news gets a little close to home.
  • Levi's - Straight Walk Ver. 2 Levi's - Straight Walk Ver. 2 (2006)
    Summary: A man and woman blocks apart start walking through a city, walking over everything in their way, to end up face to face.
  • Johnnie Walker - Seriously Black Johnnie Walker - Seriously Black (2005)
    Summary: A drink is poured, and the bottle and glasses both blend in with the black background.
  • Levi's - Loyal Levi's - Loyal (2005)
    Summary: A thief steals a pair of Levi's that are hanging off a balcony, and finds his actions are being controlled by the pants.
  • Lynx - Getting Dressed Lynx - Getting Dressed (c. 2004)
    Summary: A man and a woman wake up in bed and proceed to follow their trail of clothes back to their meeting point
  • Axe - Getting Dressed Axe - Getting Dressed (c. 2004)
    Summary: A man and a woman wake up in bed and proceed to follow their trail of clothes back to their meeting point
  • Levi's 501 - Claymation Levi's 501 - Claymation (c. 1995)
    Summary: A building is on fire, and a woman is in distress, but one guy keeps his cool and rescues her.
  • British Airways - Good Life British Airways - Good Life
    Summary: A airport terminal is made into an aquarium
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