Agency: AMV BBDO

tv commercials and cinema ads

  • Heinz - Bottle Heinz - Bottle (2009)
    Summary: People use invisible bottles of ketchup.
  • Snickers - Mr. T. - Speed Walker Snickers - Mr. T. - Speed Walker (2008)
    Summary: A speedwalker is lambasted by Mr. T.
  • Heinz Deli Mayo - Mum Heinz Deli Mayo - Mum (2008)
    Summary: A New York deli man takes the place of a mother preparing lunch for the family.
  • Smart - Tumble Dryer Smart - Tumble Dryer (2008)
    Summary: To demonstrate the storage capacity of a Smart car, a dryer is placed in the back.
  • Smart - Wrecking Ball Smart - Wrecking Ball (2008)
    Summary: The Smart car is hit by a wrecking ball to demonstrate how well it does in a crash.
  • Choice FM - Kill The Gun Choice FM - Kill The Gun (2007)
    Summary: Slow-motion bullets shooting things.
  • Guinness - Tipping Point Guinness - Tipping Point (2007)
    Summary: A villager tips over dominoes, which fall larger and larger objects, cascading into an elaborate chain reaction.
  • Snickers - Tank - Mr. T Snickers - Tank - Mr. T (2007)
    Summary: A soccer player feigns injury, but Mr. T rolls on in driving a tank to tell the faker to suck it up.
  • Guinness - noitulovE Guinness - noitulovE (2005)
    Summary: Three men walk backwards through time to show how they evolved to arrive at a place with great beer.
  • Pepsi - Gladiator Pepsi - Gladiator (2004)
    Summary: Three gladiator women sing instead of battle inside of the Colosseum.
  • Guinness - Surfer Guinness - Surfer (1999)
    Summary: Surfers wait for the perfect wave, as the waves are depicted as galloping horses.
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