Virgin Mobile Presents: The Fantastic Tale of Young Branson

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Summary: Has Sir Richard Branson always been ambitious and did he anticipate wireless unlimited data?


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Yeah, the night is dark
And the wind is cold

Yeah, the night is dark
And the wind is cold
You're through with me
So I've been told
No matter how much I try


"Long before Richard Branson created airlines and spaceships, he envisioned Virgin Mobile. A phone company that would make ordinary experiences extraordinary. And get people what they want as fast as possible. They all thought he was mad. It's just so simple he thought. Why pay for minutes when it's unlimited data you really need. And while not all his ideas were embraced. He was driven by a higher calling. This is Richard Branson, and he's here to service you. Every last one of you. Unlimited data and messaging just $35/month."

The first scene shows what Branson might have looked like as a toddler (sporting a goatee). He's playing with a toy spaceship. He rips the cord off the phone his mom is using. Voila. Wireless.

A little bit older, he's shown selling lemonade, complete with lemonade spa with music and dancing, for just 5 pennies.

He shows some more entrepreneurial spirit as a paper boy in London with a crew of paperboy helpers, and they are very precise with their paper throwing.

In his teen years, he tells his friends about how in the future we will communicate with our thumbs (i.e. text messaging on mobile phones)

As a young adult, he lies in bed with his girlfriend, but doesn't impress her much by talking about unlimited data.

Branson has apparently faced rejection many time in his life, as portrayed by a series of face slaps. But he has a higher calling. We see him in orbit.


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