Liberty Mutual - Doing the Right Thing - Ben Harper

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Summary: People do kind deeds, which others observe, who go on to do nice acts also.


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What started as
A whisper
Slowly turned
Into a scream
Searching for
An answer
Where the question
Is unseen
I don't know where
You came from
And I don't know
Where you've gone
Amen omen
Will I see your face again?


In the theme of "paying it forward", people see an act of kindness and in another scene they do something nice for a stranger.

The first and last scene is in a train station. A blind woman walks through the crowded station, and a gentleman moves his luggage out of the way of the visually impaired woman. Another man observes this and in the next scene, we find him playing soccer (football). He helps a player from the other team to get up.

One of the spectators sees this and we later find that she's at a bus stop. A businessman drops some paperwork, so she helps him to pick them up.

A guy listening to music on the bus notices the woman helping, and in the next scene he's shopping in a grocery store. The guy lets a woman with a baby go ahead of him in line at the register.

Another customer sees this and later while running at the beach, he goes out of his way to catch a run-away tube that some children lost control of.

A woman on a bike see the beach good deed and later back at her home, she's passes on the kindness by helping her neighbor to rake leaves.

Another neighbor notices, so one day when he's at work, he cleans up someone else's mess in the break room.

Another employee see it, and we end up back where we started. The train station. The lady holds the door open for the blind woman.


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