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Summary: Based on a popular joke in the deaf community, two guys try to find their friend's house, and come up with an idea.



Opens up with a woman introducing the commercial. She signs in American Sign Language (ASL) and is subtitled as saying, "This commercial was created and performed by EnAble - a network in PepsiCo which supports diversity and the inclusion of persons with different abilities."

The ad begins with two guys driving in a car, drinking Pepsi of course. They start signing to each other. They're looking for their friend Bob's house, where they'll be watching a football game (presumably the Super Bowl), but all the neighborhood lights are off.

Passenger: Hey! We're going to be late. We're going to miss the kick-off!
Driver: Which house is Bob's?
Passenger: I thought you knew?
Driver: No. I thought you knew.
Passenger: I thought you knew.
Driver: No, I thought you knew!
Passenger: No!
Driver: Great!

The driver has an idea. He starts honking his horn, which causes a bunch of people in the neighborhood to start turning on their lights. Joining in the commotion is a barking dog.

Driver: That's it! [pointing to the only house whose lights are still off]
Passenger: Yeah, ya think?

They pull up and join the party at Bob's, holding a bag of Lay's potato chips. A neighbor from across the way looks over disapprovingly, and Bob puts his arms out, subtitles saying "Sorry."

The ad was created by and stars EnAble employees.

The site complements the commercial.

The ad airs during Super Bowl XLII (2008).




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archive 2/1/2008 at 06:29 AM
[Dotty Dotte] I thought the reason Bob's house didn't light up was because Bob was blind and didn't need lights. He could still hear the Super Bowl though the others could see it. It would mean more diversity in advertising, too.

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