Zune - Ballad of Tina Pink

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Summary: A girl goes on a trippy journey through her Zune.


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Heaven is a switchboard that you want to fight
she would even miss you if you taught her sight
power politician leaning to the right
baby's got a trust fund
that she'll want to go off like that
get off of my stack
leave a little window
get off of my stack

You can never see yourself
ringing all around it
You can never see yourself
ringing all around it
You can never see yourself
ringing all around it


A girl is sitting at a covered outdoor cafe in the rain. She plays a video on her Zune 2.0 multimedia player. The video is of her touching the lens of the filming camera. The girl touches the screen where her image is touching and the point of view is immediately switched to that of the girl in video, as if inside of the Zune device. We see the girl frolicking with pink rabbits, cats and mice on some sort of a movie set. She leaves the set entering a trailer that leads to a room full of pictures that represent video destinations. She enters into one picture that shows of a concert. Once in the picture she walks into an entrance built into a drum. The drum entrance leads her to an ocean scene where she is sitting on the sun. She jumps into the water and swims with giant bioluminescent jellyfish. While swimming she sees herself outside of the outside of the Zune, touching the screen. She touches the finger with her own and the point of view switches back out of the Zune player.



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archive 05/28/2008 at 10:51 PM
[Lalala] Hey would anyone happen to know where i could find the outfit she is wearing? I love love it!
archive 04/23/2008 at 08:36 PM
[Tati =]] Oh geez.
I love these Zune commercials =]
They have such cool Indie style music!

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Ballad of Tina Pink
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Zune 2.0
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