Pure Blonde - Utopia

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Summary: A truck driver invades a utopian society to pickup a truckload of beer.


Music in the commercial

Lyrics used in the commercial

She's my cherry pie
Cool drink of water
Such a sweet suprise
Taste so good
Make a grown man cry

Well, Swingin' on the front porch
Swingin' on the lawn
Swingin' where we want
Cause there ain't nobody home
Swingin' to the left
And swingin' to the right
If I think about baseball
I'll swing all night

She's my cherry pie
Put a smile on your face
Ten miles wide
Looks so good
Bring a tear to your eye


The commercial begins with two light colored lion cubs (or possibly some other wild cat) playing under a tree. A drop of water falls from the tree and into a stream. A fluffy white puppy is then shown, as are a few white lambs. Hops are then shown falling into the stream. As the water flows to a waterfall, white doves filter it using a spider web. A puffer fish then blows bubbles into it. Finally a tribe of very attractive people dressed in white, bottles the beer. The peaceful scene is interrupted by the blast of a truck horn as it reverses up to the bottling area. The truck plays loud rock music as a fat sweaty truck driver hops of out of the truck squishing a butterfly in the process. After the truck is loaded he catches a flying dove to use its beak to open a bottle of beer, which he hands to one of the men dressed in white. As the truck drives away it peels out and splatters mud on the people who are waving goodbye.



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archive 10/26/2007 at 07:45 AM
[Davo4309] Bit far fetched. Since when do semis' have rear wheal drive on the trailer section????

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