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Summary: People are turned into Simpsons characters by Kang and Kodos (and the King).



The website simpsonizeme.com is a cross-promotion for The Simpsons Movie (opening 7/27/07) and Burger King, in which one can upload their picture and have it turned into a Simpsons-style drawing.

The commercial starts off in a Burger King, in which a customer is ordering a Whopper from Kodos (one the aliens in the Simpsons universe). Kodos takes the order in a very formal style: "Do you expect your pyrotechnically prepared beef to be customized with the addition or subtraction of key ingredients?" The man responds that he wants no onions, extra pickles. Kodos continues: "And do you wish to be transformed into a two-dimensional character with yellow skin?" Before the man can get out a baffled response, Kodos zaps him with a transformation ray, which turns the guy into Homer Simpson.

Homer let's out a "Woo hoo!" and the scene cuts to an aerial view of Manhattan. An alien ship is zapping people around the city.

A reporter is turned into Kent Brockman. An old man is turned into Grampa Simpson. A cop is turned into Chief Wiggum. A couple getting married at the altar is turned into Selma Bouvier and an unnamed character (and the minister becomes Reverend Lovejoy). A pregnant woman getting an ultrasound sees her unborn baby turn into Ralph Wiggum.

Back at another Burger King, the cashier gets turned into Krusty the Clown. A slacker on a bench turns into Otto. Then a whole street of Simpsons characters are shown. Nelson does his catch-phrase "Ha Ha!" to a boy that turns into Milhouse.

Homer laments "Aliens have all the fun." Then the scene cuts to Kang and Kodos up in the spaceship looking down on earth. Kodos says "Your Highness. Your mission is complete." The "Highness" she's referring to is wearing a crown. This new alien demasks himself to reveal he's really the King (BK mascot).

The voice-over says "The world has gone Simpsons, and BK is in on it."




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