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Summary: A guy is using his laptop in a cafe, and helping a stranger turns out to be a bad decision.



In a matter of seconds the story is told. The guy's foot is shown in close-up, and a lipstick rolls up. He picks it up and notices a woman at another table who seems to have dropped it. As he hands it to her, the camera shifts to show the woman. When he turns back, he finds his computer is gone. He quickly turns back towards the woman, and she's gone too. It goes to show how quickly a thief can steal your stuff.

The ad ends with "now what?" which transforms into There is no mention of the company behind the ad, which is a way of piquing the viewer's interest into visiting the web site. State Farm's interactive web site goes over some of their car and renter's insurance features. The relevant feature to this ad is how State Farm's renter's insurance covers items even when taken outside the home.

Did you notice? If you look carefully you can see the woman rush out the door.


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Xrayspex 2/3/2013 at 03:13 AM
Hilarious! State Farm charges $500 more every six months for the same coverage AND deny claims that happen in real life, other compnies never do that, but they accuse them of being cut-rate companies. They act like they are the only ones that can protect you and save you money. Too funny, they must be republicans! Lying, hypocrites thrive in this culture all you have to do is instill fear without reason AND prosperity is a given in this culture.

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