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  • Old Navy - Bounce (2006) September 26, 2006 20:48
    Old Navy - Bounce Summary: Guys and girls leap high off the ground
    Fash' On by Fannypack
  • Old Navy - New Naturals (2006) September 26, 2006 20:41
    Old Navy - New Naturals Summary: A group of friends are having a party on a building rooftop with a nice view of the surrounding city.
    Summertime Girlfriend by A.M. Sixty
  • JCPenney - Whistle (2006) September 26, 2006 20:32
    JCPenney - Whistle Summary: Various women are shown walking down the street in spring collection fashions, drawing the attention of men passing by.
  • Hilton Journeys - Dancing Couple (2006) September 26, 2006 20:19
    Hilton Journeys - Dancing Couple Summary: Line drawing animation in which a couple dances
    Life is Wonderful by Jason Mraz
  • Hilton Journeys - Hammock (2006) September 26, 2006 20:17
    Hilton Journeys - Hammock Summary: Line drawing animation in which a man takes a break from his work and lies in a hammock.
    Nice Day by Persephone's Bees
  • Hilton Journeys - Sandcastle (2006) September 26, 2006 20:15
    Hilton Journeys - Sandcastle Summary: Line drawing animation where a father and his daughter build a sandcastle.
    Wanna Fly by Vassy
  • Hilton Journeys - Sunrise (2006) September 26, 2006 20:12
    Hilton Journeys - Sunrise Summary: Line drawing animation of a couple sitting next to each other
    High by James Blunt
  • Hilton - Jordan (2006) September 26, 2006 19:37
    Hilton - Jordan Summary: Line drawing animation of a man arriving back from a trip, greeted at the door by his son
    Landed by Ben Folds
  • Heineken Light - Succumb to smooth (2006) September 26, 2006 19:33
    Heineken Light - Succumb to smooth Summary: Premium light lager beer bottle portrayed anthropomorphically like a star posing for a photo shoot or music video.
    Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls
  • Pontiac GTO - Vapor (2006) September 26, 2006 19:20
    Pontiac GTO - Vapor Summary: Blue flames swirl around as a voiceover provides accolades for the GTO
    Flames Go Higher by Eagles of Death Metal
  • Pontiac Solstice - Paint (2006) September 26, 2006 19:10
    Pontiac Solstice - Paint Summary: Special effects paint runs down the camera and in the background, as different colored cars are shown.
    I Love You by The Dandy Warhols
  • Pontiac G6 - Opposites (2006) September 26, 2006 19:01
    Pontiac G6 - Opposites Summary: Two hardtop convertibles are portrayed mirrored, but inverted, one opening its top and the other closing.
    Secret for a Song by Mercury Rev
  • GM - Montage (2006) September 26, 2006 18:44
    GM - Montage Summary: Various General Motors vehicles are shown in a montage, while the song "AM Radio" plays.
    A.M. Radio by Everclear
  • Gatorade - G.I.D.S. (2006) September 26, 2006 10:30
    Gatorade - G.I.D.S. Summary: In-Car Drinking System / Matt Kenseth
    Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) by The Hollies
    Free Ride by The Edgar Winter Group
  • Cooper Tires - Go (2006) September 26, 2006 10:15
    Cooper Tires - Go Summary: In black and white, fast edit transitions show off fast racing cars and trucks in a city setting and at a race track.
    True Nature by Jane's Addiction
  • Coca Cola - Soda Gun (2006) September 26, 2006 10:08
    Coca Cola - Soda Gun Summary: A man in a diner drinks all his Coke, and gets a surprise refill.
    Bees Inside by TRS-80
  • Coca Cola - Coke Float (2006) September 26, 2006 10:02
    Coca Cola - Coke Float Summary: Ice cream float with Coke shown in close-up
    The Slider by T. Rex
  • Honda - Accord - Cog (2003) September 22, 2006 22:46
    Honda - Accord - Cog Summary: A Rube Goldberg-like chain reaction consisting of automobile components
    Rapper's Delight by The Sugarhill Gang
  • Freedom Rock (1987) September 20, 2006 21:33
    Freedom Rock Summary: Two hippy guys introduce a 1970s rock music compilation
    Layla by Derek & The Dominos
    Ramblin' Man by The Allman Brothers Band
    Love Train by The O'Jays
    Black and White by Three Dog Night
    Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane
    Friends by Elton John
    Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) by The Byrds
    Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    White Room by Cream
    A Horse with No Name by America
    Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards
    We May Never Pass This Way Again by Seals & Crofts
    Get Together by The Youngbloods
  • Nike Gridiron - Football is Everything (2006) September 20, 2006 21:30
    Nike Gridiron - Football is Everything Summary: It's game day for a high school football team, and all that matters is the upcoming game.
    Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum
  • Diet Coke - Haircut (2006) September 20, 2006 21:00
    Diet Coke - Haircut Summary: A woman is walking past a barbershop, and on impulse she goes in to get her hair cut.
    Ooh La La by Goldfrapp
  • Diet Coke - Loft (2005) September 20, 2006 20:30
    Diet Coke - Loft Summary: A guy dances around his New York City apartment getting ready to go out.
    I Like the Way by Bodyrockers
  • Diet Coke - Bounce (2004) September 20, 2006 20:00
    Diet Coke - Bounce Summary: Features Adrien Brody walking coolly down the street.
    Callin' Out by Lyrics Born
  • Coca Cola - Fountain Pour (2005) September 20, 2006 19:30
    Coca Cola - Fountain Pour Summary: Coca-Cola commercial where a guy is at a self-serve soda fountain in a convenience store, filling up a cup of Coke he's going to purchase.
    I'm a Criminal by Paul Reddick & The Sidemen
  • Coca Cola - Video Game (2006) September 20, 2006 19:00
    Coca Cola - Video Game Summary: In what looks like a video game, a car is racing through traffic, but when the driver gets out we soon find he's not that bad a guy.
    You Give a Little Love (Coke version)
  • Volkswagen - The Cabrio (2000) September 20, 2006 18:30
    Volkswagen - The Cabrio Summary: Four friends drive to a party in their Cabrio convertible, passing through scenic landscapes under the night's moon.
    Pink Moon by Nick Drake
  • Budweiser Select - Band (2006) September 20, 2006 18:00
    Budweiser Select - Band Summary: The Budweiser Select crown take the shape of various items, ending with a scene of a band walking towards a door.
    Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers, Q-Tip
  • Virgin Mobile - Nicole (2003) September 20, 2006 17:30
    Virgin Mobile - Nicole Summary: Standing on a city street in the buff, a young woman discusses a Virgin Mobile phone.
  • Old Navy - Spring Loves Stripes (2006) September 20, 2006 17:00
    Old Navy - Spring Loves Stripes Summary: A bunch of people wearing brightly colored striped fashions line up and hold hands
    Clap! Shake! Jump! by Behavior, Andrea Revel
  • Old Navy - Make it Madras (2006) September 20, 2006 16:30
    Old Navy - Make it Madras Summary: Under palm trees by a beach, a young woman dances back and forth.
    Check It Out by Komeda
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